\”We live in an amazing world of great beauty. However, as a species, we have lost the contact we have with our true nature. We have shifted from being to having. The link from the heart to the mind is interrupted. Physicality and material possession became our focus rather than a temporal, educational support for our experience of Life. We have created worlds that have no real substance, no real meaning.
Confusion and pain are the outcomes. The book \”Our World – and the ones we create\” tries to identify the distorted patterns that have shaped our \”reality\” in order to move beyond them. But photographs are creations of the mind, representing certain points of view. Texts are restricted descriptions of thoughts, articulated with words to best describe what thoughts are about. So this book is limited by nature. What is it then that I tried to do? This book is an attempt to trigger a meaningful experience. It is the hope that not only as individuals but as a collective consciousness, we connect our intentions of liberation of our own limitations, and expand our awareness so that we can see and finally experience the true beauty of the World we live in.

Joseph F.D. Thiéry took a one way ticket to India in 2007 and travelled Asia for 7 years. He went on apparent random trips, avoiding touristic places to meet people and immerse himself in their culture. Always carrying his camera, he captured human daily life as well as the surrounding environments. Through classic and abstract photographs, the book \”Our World\” aims at reaching beyond the experience to not only bring forth the human spirit, but the beauty of the world we live in, too.

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