Our World and the ones we create - Joseph F.D. Thiéry Solo Photography Exhibition, Bangkok, Thailand 2013/2014

Exhibition: From the 17th December to the 31st January 2014 Soft opening:17th December (Tue) 9:00
Official launch opening: 20th December (Fri) 20.00 Exhibition end: 31st January (Fri)

About Exhibition

Joseph F.D. Thiéry took a one way ticket to India in 2007 and travelled Asia since then. He went on apparent random trips, avoiding touristic places to meet people and immerse himself in their culture. Always carrying his camera, he captured human daily life as well as the surrounding environments.

Through classic and abstract photographs, the photo-exhibition \”Our World and the ones we create\” aims at reaching beyond the experience to not only bring forth the human spirit, but the beauty of the multifaceted world we live in, too.

International Biennial of Image of Nancy, France 2012

Hands On

Through this series, I would like to honour those little jobs in Asian’s streets, most of which have disappeared from our occidental countries. I want to pay tribute to those daily street workers, to their hands, reflection of their work, their lives, and their materialised states of mind. There we can see the hardship of their labour and the precision of the gestures, the delicacy of a well-done work and the automation of repetitive tasks, integrated deep into their skin.

There are those hands, which carve and transform, which destroy and build, which sow and reap, which give and receive. There are those hands without which we would have almost, if not, nothing.

2eme mois de la photographie, Itinéraire de lavoirs et de l\'image 2012

2eme mois de la photographie, Itinéraire de lavoirs et de l\’image – photo exhibition alongside with 11 other photographers in Meuse, France.

Portraits of Asia - Images of the World - Fundação Cultural Carlos Drummond de Andrade - Itabira, Brazil 2011

The theme exhibited in February 2011 was

Portraits of Asia – Images of the World (Imagens do Mundo)

Intimate and natural portraits of Asian encounters in their environment. Solo photo exhibition by photographer Joseph Thiéry.

Photo exhibition organized by Fundação Cultural Carlos Drummond de Andrade in Itabira, Brazil by Sra. Marilia de Souza Ramos.