I believe we are true people
Also living in worlds of illusions,
Worlds that we create,
Worlds that separate us
From one another, from ourselves,
From being.

I invite you to break free from all
Divisions, partitions, barriers.
Allow Life to reveal its
Absolute and immediate truth
Of just being.
Life is beautiful if we give it
A closer look from far away.
For in this freedom, there is
No time, no distance, no death, no limits,
Moments just are.

I try to capture those moments
Where the observable
Is magnified by the non-obvious.
But capturing moments is only a process,
A direction to look at.
The true value is not even
In our perception.
Our perception is only
Borrowed, guided thoughts, emotions.

Jumping over the mind,
Experiencing experience,
Being conscious and aware that
Feelings, thoughts, beliefs, interpretations
Are passing notions is
An act of freedom.

Allow the rigid to be flexible,
The apparent to reveal
The essential,
Observe the unification of your experiences
Within the collective
And let go on judgments.

I invite you to go on this trip where,
If we look close enough,
We rediscover
Parts of ourselves.