life scenes

This series is a blend of different moments taken in different countries that depict different aspects of Life. However, the first part is focused on Bangkok. It is called:

Sabai sabai in Krung Thep

– Krung Thep, meaning “city of angels”, is the Thai name for Thailand’s capital, Bangkok. “Sabai sabai”, meaning “well well”, is used to show that everything is fine. It is also used by Thai people to say that there is no problem, that they accept, at least on a surface level, whatever is or has been and that they won’t hold grudge or resentment about a given situation. In this multicultural, crowded, inegalitarian capital with power struggle fights in the background and its daily dramas, sabai sabai is one of the core philosophy of the Thai social fabric that keeps this society from tearing apart. It also is a contagious way of living that, sooner or later, permeates all visitors, expatriated workers and that makes Bangkok a pleasant place to live in. –

General idea of this theme as a whole

Life is beautiful when fully lived and embraced. Life is pure consciousness, is immortal, lives within, even creates matter for practical reasons. Life itself is beyond reproach. It is how we handle it, what we think, thus create, what we attract or let happen that has to be rethought.

There in no situation that is not meant to happen. We often don’t understand the reasons from which they arise but all sources of suffering are educational. So is Life. It is an intelligence of its own and of the whole. The feeling of injustice describes the non-understanding of those matters.

We are limitless, omnipotent and omniscient energy in action, bringing thoughts into form, designers of our own body, our own reality, creator of more life.

This is the true gift of Life.