nights in wonder

Most of our life we are wandering in darkness,
wondering what’s next,
thinking about what was
and neglecting what is now.
We regret,
we project
and we simply forget to live.
Life is not a line.
It is an ever-changing moment that
is happening now.
Let’s grab a light
and visit those dark places
of our unconscious.
There we store
all memories, all expectations.
In the light of understanding,
we’ll soon live
in a brighter world.
Let’s avoid creating those bad
memories and those expectations.
It only brings
bitterness and deceptions.
All that has to be rectified
will resurface
so we can clean up the mess.
All that we wish for ourselves
will form.
But on one condition:
That we live the present moment
with joy, confidence,
trust and love.